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Providing a Safe and Comfortable Home for All Vulnerable Seniors!

For decades, Habion has been a specialist in the field of elderly housing. We are a socially conscious investor in sustainable housing for seniors. By actively managing our real estate portfolio and utilizing it for the local community, we ensure optimal returns that guarantee the quality, liveability, and affordability of our properties.

Putting Our Residents First
Based on this mission and vision, Habion explicitly chooses residents as its customers. Our primary focus is on seniors who, due to physical, psycho-geriatric, or social circumstances, no longer wish or are able to continue living independently in their current homes. At Habion, they can move into a residence where they can live independently, with the option of available care if desired. Moreover, Habion aims to create a local social network, allowing residents to participate and remain engaged in society for as long as possible.

Value for Residents and the Community
Habion considers it essential for its residential buildings to provide value not only to residents but also to the community. Local needs drive our approach, which is why we involve residents and the community at the earliest stages of our planning.

Growing Demand
Currently, we manage around 11,000 senior housing units, including independent homes and units in care facilities, across over 80 municipalities throughout the Netherlands. The demand for senior housing is rapidly increasing. The number of individuals aged 65 and above is projected to grow from 2.8 million to approximately 4.7 million by 2040. Our mission is to offer all seniors a secure and comfortable home. To meet the rising demand, we invest in new housing developments at prime locations across the country. We operate nationwide, responding to areas where our product is needed.

Independent Living
The era of traditional senior housing is behind us. Seniors want to maintain their independence while having access to services and care within reach. Habion specializes in senior housing that aligns with the current and future demands. We focus not on what this group of seniors can no longer do, but on what they would like. In this approach, the desires of the seniors, care providers, and the community are the guiding principles.

The Røring Methodology
To determine the needs of current and future residents and the community, we developed a groundbreaking participation methodology called the Røring. At the core of this methodology is putting current and future residents at the forefront of the planning process. We engage with residents in discussions about how they envision aging in their neighbourhood. We also invite local residents and institutions like the municipality to contribute their ideas during various gatherings. This results in a plan created by and for residents and neighbours. We ensure that residents and neighbours remain engaged in the plans, fostering excitement and enthusiasm among all stakeholders.

Creating a Home
We offer our residents a genuine “home.” Locally, we collaborate with like-minded (care) partners to provide affordable housing in a comfortable, safe, and pleasant environment. By involving residents and the community in our plans from the earliest stages, we create residential buildings that provide added value for both residents and the community.

Liv inn: A Decade of Experimentation Culminating in Success
In Liv inn Hilversum (a transformed former care facility), everything we have learned in the past years comes together. In summary, our vision requires three pillars for a location to be successful:

  • A building with independent living spaces where all forms of care can be provided in each residence, eliminating the need for seniors to relocate. Several modules are available for communal use.
  • An active community of residents, both from within and around the neighbourhood, who exercise “ownership” over the use of the building. They organize activities and support each other in aging together. Neighbourly care takes precedence, with professional care in a supporting role. This leads to cost savings in healthcare. Based on a “golden mix,” the selection of new residents is done collectively to sustain the concept.
  • Selected suppliers meet the desires of the elderly, as determined by the community and Habion. These suppliers (including healthcare services) are granted a license to operate on the premises. All residents obtain services from the chosen supplier, ensuring a streamlined and harmonious approach.

Discover further details about Liv inn in the special brochure on this subject..

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